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Last updated on 18/06/2004

General informations about the project


This project provides software suitable for smartcard based digital signature and both local and remote authentication security services. It can also be used to integrate smart card technology into a working Certification Authority that issues public key certificates for the users through the web.

For example, we provide a module that is known to work with the OpenCA Certification Authority for on-board keypair generation.

Our software works with different kinds of smart cards. Actually we have modules that work with Schlumberger's Cyberflex Access 16K and Cryptoflex 16K smart cards and any JavaCard 2.1.1 compliant smart card (i.e. both Schlumberger's Cyberflex Access 32K and Gemplus P11/PK).

Our software has been developed and tested with Towitoko's CHIPDRIVE and Schlumberger's Reflex 72 card readers. It is known to work fine with Gemplus GCR410, GCR400FD, GemPC and Microsystem's SCM readers too.


  • automatic storing of private key and public certificate on the smartcard during the interaction with OpenCA for the "certification process"
  • use of smartcard to sign e-mail and e-news from within Netscape Messenger
  • use of smartcard to sign/verify every kind of file with a simple shell command
  • smartcard-based authentication of local users to a system by means of a public key authentication protocol
  • smartcard-based authentication of remote users to a system by means of a smart card enabled OpenSSH
  • interactive command line browsing and invoking of all supported card commands for Cyberflex cards (ISO 7816 compliant and not)