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Last updated on 18/06/2004


Mailing lists

We have two active mailing lists:

List Subscription link Description
[Subscribe to this list]

Informations and discussions about the project, feature request and everything is concerned with using Smart Sign packages.

[Subscribe to this list]

Implementation related and architectural discussions. Everything is concerned with modifying Smart Sign packages and/or discussing how things are or should be done.

Please, submit all of your questions, comments, doubts and requests to the mailing lists. You'll get an answer as soon as possible. Before directly writing to the authors, please consider using the mailing lists. Other users could find your questions interesting, or could be interested in the answer. And other users could answer to your question more quickly than me. An on-line archive of the previous messages is also available from the subscription page of both lists.

Last but not least: please, write to these lists in plain text, without HTML, I'd really really appreciate ! By the way, HTML messages are tolerated. Avoid attachments in "MS Word" format, too. Thanks for your cooperation.

Public forum

We have a public forum too. If you like, you can submit your questions/observations/proposals/etc.. to the forum, and get a feedback by us or any other user.