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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on 18/06/2004

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create the libwinscard.a import library suitable for linking with native Windows WINSCARD.DLL ?

First, create the .def file from the DLL itself:

      $ /usr/bin/impgen WINSCARD.DLL > winscard.def

Then, create the .a import library:

      $ /usr/bin/dlltool --as=as \
            --dllname WINSCARD.DLL --def winscard.def \
	    --kill-at --output-lib libwinscard.a

Now you can place libwinscard.a into a standard library path and use -lwinscard to link using it. Note that this file is only required to be found by gcc when linking. It will not be required when executing the program.

What is a PKCS#11 module ?

It is a library implementing the PKCS#11 standard from R.S.A. Lab. Netscape software, among others, uses this standard interface to use cryptographic accelerators, smartcards or alternative cryptographic software in place of its internal library.

What is a PAM module ?

It is a Pluggable Authentication Module, that can be used on Unix/Like platforms to allow user authentication mechanisms alternative to the classic /etc/passwd system. Our PAM module, in example, allows a user authentication using their smartcard. A challenge/response cryptographic protocol is accomplished by the module with the external device in order to guarantee a strong authentication of the user.

What smart cards are supported by this software ?

PKCS#11 module and OpenSSH are available for any Java Card 2.1.* compliant smartcard, once the Card Edge Applet has been loaded onto it (i.e. Schlumberger Cyberflex Access 32K and Gemplus 211/PK), and Schlumberger Cryptoflex 16K, so far (Jan 2002). A card manager (XCard-II) and a PAM module are also available from the MUSCLE Card web site for these cards.

PKCS#11 module, Smart Shell, OpenSSH and a PAM module and command line sign/verify utilities are available for Schlumberger Cyberflex Access 16K cards.